Drafts Ver.4.2.1 – 拡張キーからアクション実行


Drafts 4 – Quickly Capture Notes, Share Anywhere!

バージョン: 4.2.1
カテゴリ: 仕事効率化, ソーシャルネットワーキング
現在の価格: 1200円(サイズ: 11.1MB)
販売元: Agile Tortoise
リリース日: 2014/10/15

iTunesで見る + iPhone/iPadの両方に対応

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バージョン 4.2.1 の新機能
#### Visit our blog for more detailed release notes: agiletortoise.com/blog

#### The Big Stuff

– [New] New in 4.2: Apple Watch Support.
– [New] “Run Action” keyboard key type. You can now create keys on the enhanced keyboard row which fire actions from the action list.
– [New] Enhanced keyboard keys can now be marked as hidden and will not be shown in the keyboard row (Why? See next new item).
– [New] Enhanced keyboard keys can now have keyboard shortcuts for use with external Bluetooth keyboards. These can be any combination of Shift-Control-Option-Command and a key and will trigger the key’s function. Keys that are marked hidden can still have their keyboard shortcut available.
– [Changes] Significant VoiceOver improvements for working with drafts and action lists and in the Apple Watch app. These now rely on custom actions, not funky adjustable traits. Feedback is welcome.
– [New] “draft.processTemplate(template)” function in script action steps. This allows you to evaluate a drafts template (including all tags, fenced TextExpander snippets, etc.) just as it would be in a normal action step. Example: draft.processTemplate(“[[date]] – [[title]]”);
– [New] New “Groups” button to more easily edit group assignments for actions. Appears next to “duplicate” button if you swipe to right on action in list. Jumps directly to group assignments without the need for tapping through the edit screens.
– [Change] Improved action step descriptions in an actions list of steps for many types of steps. So, in the list of action steps when editing an action, a Dropbox step will now say “append, Path: /, File: test.txt”, as an example.

#### Other Changes

– [Fix] Some actions which used popovers (like Share on iPad) called from URL could be unreliable.
– [Change] Remove emoji option from Watch app capture to get to direct to dictation.
– [Change] Adjust size of iPad popover for selecting action step types when adding to an action.
– [Fix] In “Social” syntax highlighting incorrect underlines could appear.
– [Change] Remove “Inbox zero” message from Today widget, just compact the widget height if it’s empty.
– [Change] Flip directions of tab swipes at buttom of drafts/actions lists.
– [Fix] Set accessed time when importing drafts captured from Share extension.
– [Fix] Possible crash generating inbox summary with certain data sets.
– [Change] Improve background handling for Watch app.

Help & Support: info@agiletortoise.com
News and Tips: @draftsapp on Facebook and Twitter

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拡張キーの作成メニューにRun Actionが追加されています。ラベルとアクションの名前だけ入力すれば拡張キーからアクションを実行できます。



拡張キーの設定にVISIBILITYが追加されています。Hide Keyのトグルをオンにすると拡張キーボードからキーが非表示になります。










tag = draft.processTemplate("[[date]] - [[title]]");
draft.defineTag("template", tag);

日付 – タイトルを含んだtemplateタグを作成しています。Draftsタグだけでなく、TextExpanderスニペットも使えます。<>で囲む。






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