Drafts Ver.4.3

Draftsがアップデート。フィルターの保存、Share extensionの追記機能等、いくつかの機能が追加されています。

Drafts 4 – Quickly Capture Notes, Share Anywhere!

バージョン: 4.3
カテゴリ: 仕事効率化, ソーシャルネットワーキング
現在の価格: 1200円(サイズ: 11.6MB)
販売元: Agile Tortoise
リリース日: 2014/10/15

iTunesで見る + iPhone/iPadの両方に対応

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バージョン 4.3 の新機能
#### Visit our blog for more detailed release notes: agiletortoise.com/blog

#### Saved Filters

The Inbox/Archive/Flagged tabs at the top of the drafts list can now be customized and additional saved filter tabs added to the list. Saved filters can be configured to show drafts from the inbox or archive, include or exclude flagged drafts, apply a sort order and have a text query string. You can add filters for common searches to have additional views of your drafts, or customize the existing ones – for example to exclude flagged drafts from the inbox list.

#### “Select All” and “Run Action” operations for multiple drafts

When using the “Select” and “Operations” options below the drafts list, there is now a “Select All” option to quickly select all drafts in the current tab, and a “Run Action” operation to apply an action to multiple drafts. “Select All” is particularly useful to quickly archive all drafts in the inbox, for example. The “Run Action” operation lets you quickly select multiple drafts and run an action on them. When selecting this operation, the action list will be shown to select the action to run. Some actions (such as ones that leave Drafts) are not supported for multiple selections and will be grayed out in the list.

#### Share extension can now Append/Prepend

The Drafts Share extension (used from the Share sheet in other apps) now supports appending and prepending to inbox drafts as well as capture of new drafts. To use these options in the share sheet, tap the “Append” or “Prepend” buttons at the bottom of the window and select the draft to add the text to.

#### Other Changes

– [New] Sort by Text option in the draft list.
– [Change] Update TextExpander SDK 3.5, to work with the latest and greatest from the good folks at Smile Software, including Javascript snippets.
– [Fix] If newer version of currently edited draft comes in from sync, the “Discard” option might fail.
– [Fix] Flashing issue reseting draft list scroll view.
– [Fix] Possible crash saving command key.
– [New] Added “Email support” and “Mailing List” options in settings.
– [Fix] Layout issue in keyboard shortcut assignments.
– [Fix] When changing action groups directly via the new “groups” button, only the first change would take effect.
– [Change] /inbox, /archive, /flagged URLs deprecated
– [New] /drafts?filter=Name&query= URL to navigate directly to a filter in the drafts list.

Help & Support: info@agiletortoise.com
News and Tips: @draftsapp on Facebook and Twitter

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Share extensionから特定のドラフトに追記

DraftsはShare extension機能を使って、Safari等他のアプリから取得したテキストをドラフトとして保存できますが、今回からは既存のドラフトに追記できるようになりました。


アーカイブ&フラッグでフィルタリングしていた人は、今後フィルターを保存して新たにタブを作った方が良さそうですね。Inboxの設定をNot Flaggedにして、アーカイブしなくてもフィルタリングできるようにするとか。



  • drafts4://x-callback-url/drafts?filter={フィルター名}&query={検索語}



変更点は他にもありますが、このバージョンではTextExpander SDK 3.5に対応してJavaScriptスニペットが使えるようになっています。


下書きアプリというより、Drafts単体でメモアプリとしても十分に使えるようになった感じです。Share extensionからの追記は嬉しい機能追加でした。




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